Desert rose with a skull.


Unrest is brewing with the desert tribes of Raurin desert. Allegiances shatter as shifting sands devour several of the oases of the nomadic people of the area, and force their migration to opposing lands. It is unclear to anyone why the sands have suddenly risen to devour their desert sanctuaries, however without the ability to find food and water for themselves and their livestock, trade within the desert has become nonexistent. Without trade the nomadic people have found that their already difficult life is becoming much harder. Many tribes have begun to resort to raiding fellow clan members for resources, however this is only a quick fix, as all peoples of the desert are becoming desperate.

A call for mercenaries has gone out from the Sisyaq clan, who wish to locate and acquire new water resources. They are looking for brave adventurers strong enough to withstand the harsh environment of the desert. So that they can locate (and acquire) new resting spots for their clan’s caravans.

The Wilting Desert Rose

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